Going On a Long Trip? Here Are 9 Best Ways to Secure Your Home

Vacation is the best time to unleash your inner adventurer. But in the excitement of going out with your family or friends, you should not forget to properly secure your home. Whether you live alone or with family – you must ensure that you aren’t giving any reason for burglars to enter your home.

There are many conventional and modern ways to lock your home. From home security systems to some fool-proof techniques – you can deter thieves in the best way possible. So, you must be aware of all the techniques, tips, and tricks so that you can keep unwanted people at bay.

The primary advantage of home security is that it not only protects your valuables from thieves but could offer you safety while any external calamity happens. Disasters like floods, short circuits, etc. could damage your home and it could cost you a lot for repairs and replacements.

Therefore, before you go on a long vacation, ensure your house is safe and secure. With this in mind, we have brought you this topic to tell you about the ways you can implement to keep your home secure.

  1. Locking doors and windows (including garage and pet door)

No one has to tell you about locking all the doors and windows, but at the hurried moments of going on vacation, you tend to forget. So, before driving away from your home, take a few minutes and check all the doors and windows. They should be secured so that no external force could change their direction. And don’t forget to lock the garage and pet door as they can slip from your mind at the last minute.

  1. Secure doors with the latest technology

Locking with bolt and key is one thing, but securing doors with the latest alarm technologies is the added benefit you get when you go on a long trip. Smart devices like doorbells, alarms, etc. notify you about any unusual thing happening at your home. The latest technology sends you notifications to your phone so that you can respond at the right time.

  1. The security camera at all the entrances

Installing cameras at the entrances and other places where you think burglars can enter can help you figure out what to do in emergencies. Depending on the technology of the device, you can receive notifications directly to your smartphone or you can monitor periodically looking at the video streamingon your phone. Either way, having security cameras at your home while you go on a vacation is a sure benefit. If you don’t have any idea, read here the top tips for the home security camera placement.

  1. Don’t leave your landscape to appear dark

Leaving your house in the dark at night times gives an additional advantage to burglars to hide. And it also suggests that no one is at home. So, whenever you go out for a long trip, install smart lights that switch on during the night times and turn off automatically at day times. It suggests that there are people inside the home and deter burglars away.

In addition to it, you can install smart doorbells which when rung, outside people can hear the voice recorded prior to you. It’s helpful for the burglars who check whether there are people inside or not by ringing the doorbell.

  1. Turn off your Wi-Fi network

Before you lock your house and go, ensure that you’re switching off your Wi-Fi network.As it’s a gateway to your personal and financial information, smart thieves can utilise it to their advantage. And if you are using Wi-Fi for home automation, then you can some extra layers of protection like a firewall.

  1. Turn off the electricity main and gas lines

When disasters like floods happen at your home, there’s a chance of a short circuit happening at your home. And the gas lines can leak sometimes creating a hazardous situation at your home. If there’s no one to monitor at your home, it could lead to irreparable damage. So, before you step out of the home, turn off the main electricity switch and gas lines in your kitchen.

  1. Don’t keep hiding spots around your home

If you have a lot of bushes and plants surrounding your home, then they create perfect hiding spots for the burglars who try to get into your home. Also, your neighbours or other people will not be able to see the thieves hiding behind the bushes. So don’t keep any hiding spots. For this, you can trim the plants, pluck the leaves out, and take out unnecessary plants.

  1. Lock your valuables in a safe

If you have any valuables like documents, jewellery, etc. keep them in a locker and hide that locker in a strategic location. Exposing everything to outside places like cupboards etc. will become easy for burglars to search for things.

Also, one other clever thing you can do is you can place fake documents, jewellery, etc. in a cupboard drawer. So, when a burglar who is in a hurry enters your home, one look at the drawer, he will scoop everything out and be along in his way. But your true value will be safe in the secret place only you know.

  1. Think about home automation

Automating your home is a clever way to secure your home. Devices like smart doorbells, alarms, door locks, smoke alarms, light controlling devices, and other safety devices give you real-time protection when you are out on the road. You can also learn about the pros and cons of wireless surveillance systems for more idea. So, whenever anyone tries to intrude into your home, you can respond quickly and break the attempt of thieving at your home.

However, the only downside to home automation is that it works under the control of electricity and Wi-Fi. If any of the two things don’t work, then there’s a risk of the smart devices not functioning effectively.

Enjoy Your Long Trip Without Any Worries.

You might be planning a long trip after thorough planning. So, don’t let anything thwart your much-needed trip. Spend time with your family or friends without worrying about anything about your home. Take the above-mentioned precautions and be relaxed and adventurous all along your trip.

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