Have no sufficient credit score, and a long list of dreams to purchase? – No worries, Zebit will take care of it!

Is it possible to buy whatever you want when you have a) no money and b) poor credit score? This question sounds ultimately stupid, but, believe it or not, now there is a project that allows answering  it “yes” with complete seriousness in mind, and confidence in voice!

What is it?

This magical project is called Zebit, and it’s never once a bank but an online market! This market’s hallmark is that you can pay for goods not in full and upfront but over time, and by parts. And this is what Zebit’s mission is about – to provide people with poor credit scores the opportunity to buy what they need and want, considering their capabilities.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions offered by this marketplace are just what ordinary people could ever only dream about! Consumers can buy now and pay the cost over six months, furthermore, the price can be split into small, comfy to pay parts. For instance, if you buy a good which costs $1,000 you can make a down payment of 25% of the price ($250), and pay the rest $750 for 6 months, with 12 semi-monthly payments of only $62.50 each! Also, customers of Zebit can get a credit up to $2500, which allows buying the whole pack of goods needed at once.


This credit is called ZebitLine and is used to finance your purchases. The amount of this credit is calculated based on many factors, and your income, in particular. The rest of this credit is just like in ordinary banks: if you use your ZebitLine and have a good payment history, your limit can be increased in three months. And, conversely, if your payments are not done on time, Zebit can reduce your limit, which would make your shopping tougher.

Zebit Market

You can make your purchases with Zebit only within Zebit Market – an online market, where you have a wide choice of goods from many categories, such as:

          Home goods




          Health equipment


The majority of the goods being available on the Zebit Market are new, but there also can happen secondhand or refurbished ones. Such products are specially marked, so you always know if such a good is in your shopping cart. You can pay for your purchases not necessarily with the help of ZebitLine, but also via any credit or debit card. It’s also noteworthy that Zebit does not affect your credit score: it does not make any reports on your payments to send to the credit agencies.

So, what’s next?

Ok, everything looks very good, and even too good to be true, and naturally, this all raises a range of questions. For example, how does this project make money if it makes any? – Yes, Zebit is a business, and together with helping people to get what they want, it was also created to make money. And it makes money the same way other online markets do – by buying products at their wholesale prices and selling them at retail ones. Another popular question concerns hidden fees and costs, and the answer here is “no” – Zebit does not have any hidden fees or costs, as it doesn’t work the same way banks do, you just choose your product and pay for it over time. For more information, you can also take a look at the Zebit review on the Finance Globe website.

So now you got acquainted with the new project on helping people without sufficient credit score to get what they want. It is comfortable to use, transparent in terms and conditions, and easy to register with – so don’t waste your time and proceed with the simplest registration procedure on Zebit’s site!

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